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U.S. Debit Card Program

The U.S. Debit Card is a program sponsored by the United States Department of the Treasury Financial Management Service (FMS) for federal agencies. The program gives federal agencies the ability to deliver funds through debit cards, providing an electronic alternative to checks, drafts and imprest funds. The U.S. Debit Card is an effective and cost-efficient way to manage operational expenses.

Cardholders enjoy simple and convenient access to funds for one-time payments, or program administrators can reload cards for repetitive payments. The U.S. Debit Card program offers easy funds distribution with strict management controls and powerful reporting.

Key features and benefits:

  • Personal identification number (PIN) protection reduces fraud due to theft
  • Rapid start-up for bulk and individual account opening capability
  • Accurate and simplified reconciliation
  • Instant issuance cards for immediate card distribution
  • Online, real-time card funding
  • 24-hour access to cardholder account information
  • Access at ATMs and merchants worldwide
  • Accepted by retailers for purchases worldwide
  • Convenience for users and high customer satisfaction

The U.S. Debit Card enhances management of a wide range of programs:

  • Invitational travel
  • Miscellaneous purchases
  • Benefits/pension
  • Disaster relief
  • Incentives
  • Petty cash
  • Payroll

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